What We Do

Eagle Hill helps clients find the direct line from culture to business success.
  • Culture Strategy
  • Culture Investment Analysis & Planning
  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
  • Culture Assessment & Improvement
  • Core Values Strategy

Why Care About Culture?

A strong culture is important to more than just your employees. It’s key to the health of your organization and the bottom line.
  • Companies with great cultures outperform those without by

    3 times

    Source: Great Place to Work Report

  • Companies in the top-quartile
    of employee engagement are:

    21% more profitable
    17% more productive
    And see up to 59% less turnover

    Source: Gallup Meta-Analysis

Opinions & Insights


    Who should be held accountable? Leaders? Employees? Both?

    After the biggest cheating scandal in a century, Major League Baseball punished team management for breaking the rules, but not the players involved. 90% of Americans think the players should be held accountable—an important lesson for corporate America as it addresses unethical behavior within its own ranks.

  • The Business Case for Culture

    Organizational culture can be nebulous and difficult to measure. We’ve distilled culture into five critical elements designed to make workplace culture more tangible.

  • Will Culture Make or Break Your Business in 2019

    The right culture for your organization is a must. It leads to stronger business performance throughout an organization. Here are three steps you can take to be more intentional about your corporate culture to create a successful new year, and beyond.

  • The Corporate Integrity Implosion: Managing in the Era of Exposure

    New research by Eagle Hill Consulting reveals that the majority of working Americans believe that integrity is on the decline in corporate America. Fifty-four percent of respondents say that integrity has gotten worse in corporations during the past five years. According to those surveyed, the decline starts at the top.

  • Rethinking Corporate Culture

    Corporate culture has long been examined by academics and thought leaders. But it never seems to garner the broad attention it deserves within a company until something goes horribly wrong. Over the last several decades, we’ve seen multiple scandals revolving around a culture gone awry. Accounting irregularities sent executives to prison while the global financial crisis saw some of the world’s largest banks and insurance organizations collapse or require rescue.

  • Getting Ahead of the Integrity Implosion

    Without a foundation of integrity, an organization is at risk. Integrity is the cornerstone of how employees make decisions, act and react in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. When a company’s integrity is in question, the negative impacts can be devastating and ruinous. 


    Stress-Testing Corporate Core Values in America

    A new survey from Eagle Hill Consulting shows nearly half of Americans don’t know their employer’s core values. That said, an overwhelming majority of people who know their employer’s core values say that core values drive their decisions and behavior.

Case Studies

Are Your Teams Driving Change?

From our unconventional philosophy to our innovative practices, Eagle Hill brings needed shifts to traditional change management through Team Based Change Management.