Culture & Performance

Culture and performance are inseparable

Culture powers an organization. A successful culture keeps employees engaged and committed to achieve the organization’s mission. We partner with clients to hone their best culture and, in turn, bring their strategy to life. The result is that employee behaviors become unified expressions of what the organization values and what it strives to achieve.

What we do

Eagle Hill helps clients find the direct line from culture to business success. Our solutions include:


Culture Investment
Analysis & Planning

Diversity &
Inclusion Strategy

Culture Assessment
& Improvement

Core Values

Why care about culture?

A strong culture is important to more than just your employees.
It’s key to the health of your organization and the bottom line.

Companies with great cultures have…


Better Performance

Source: Great Place to Work Report

Companies with strong employee engagement are…


More Profitable

Source: Gallup Meta-Analysis


Less Turnover

Source: Gallup Meta-Analysis


More Productive

Source: Great Place to Work Report

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Our latest research & thinking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the trends impacting your business and your industry with actionable insights and best practices based on our proprietary research.


Webinar | Corporate culture: Do your practices align with your priorities?

Your corporate culture ultimately drives your business results. But do your practices align with your priorities? Watch our webinar to learn how to create and nurture the best culture you can to stay ahead of your competition.

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The business case for culture: How workplace culture impacts performance

Organizational culture can be nebulous and difficult to measure. Our Workplace Culture Survey provides executives with a concrete culture framework that distills into five critical elements designed to make workplace culture more tangible.

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The corporate integrity implosion: Managing in the era of exposure

New research by Eagle Hill Consulting reveals that the majority of working Americans believe that integrity is on the decline in corporate America—and most say that integrity has gotten worse in corporations during the past 5 years.

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Rethinking corporate culture

By Melissa Jezior

Corporate culture has long been examined by academics and thought leaders. But it never seems to garner the broad attention it deserves within a company until something goes horribly wrong. It’s time to rethink corporate culture.

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Getting ahead of the integrity implosion

By Melissa Jezior

Without integrity, an organization is missing the cornerstone of how employees make decisions, act, and react in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. And when a company’s integrity is in question, the negative impacts can be devastating.

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The realities of business are constantly changing. Our solutions can help you meet today’s challenges while laying the foundation for a sustainable and flexible future.

Workforce planning

The future of work is changing fast. Is your organization ready?

Eagle Hill helps our clients align their workforce with the needs and priorities of their business. Through workforce planning, they get the right people in the right roles at the right time to power future success.

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Virtual change management

Bring your people through change—no matter where they are working.

Our virtual change management approach is designed for the realities of remote working, helping employees and teams engage in change so strategic initiatives succeed.

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Team Based Change

Are your teams driving change?

From our unconventional philosophy to our innovative practices, Eagle Hill brings needed shifts to traditional change management through Team Based Change Management.

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Case Studies

We solve business problems

Here are a few examples of how we provide impact for our clients. From boosting employee retention to planning market entry, our years of creative and strategic experience have helped clients across industries reach their potential.

Nonprofit: Video

Building a strong relationship for sustainable growth

The Alice Ferguson Foundation needed to create a long-term strategic plan to grow alongside their mission. Our team worked closely with AFF to incorporate a goal-focused plan as well as a new organizational mindset targeted at success.

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Public Service: Interview

Developing competency models and workforce planning

We helped one highly specialized agency prepare their workforce for the future by implementing their forward-looking Human Capital Strategic Plan. Eagle Hill’s Mary Dalrymple, Director of Services and Innovation, explains how.

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Nonprofit: Narrative

Reimagining process, technology, and culture

A national museum’s legacy federal processes were limiting overall development as its program operations and presence grew. We applied private-sector best practices to increase flexibility and streamline operations.

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Public Service: Narrative

Empowering employees to strengthen service, culture, and core values

When the number one grant-making organization in the government faced sustainability concerns, we brought employees at all levels together for collaborative solutions to increase engagement, strengthen culture, and improve retention.

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Financial Services: Narrative

Improving morale and reducing high turnover

One large financial services company had a great career-mapping tool, but employee expectations weren’t aligned. We helped them close the gap by taking a transparent approach that stepped outside the box.

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