What we do

We acknowledge the increasing rivalry for content, competition for audiences, and convergence of communication, media, and technology providers. Our decades of industry experience and best-practice insights help our clients address evolving trends. And since 81 percent of Eagle Hill clients are repeat clients, we’re confident they agree with us.

Our solutions include:

  • Digital Transition Strategy
  • Media Workflow and Process Re-Engineering
  • Change
  • Organizational Strategic Planning
  • Product Strategy & Management
  • Talent Strategy
  • Strategic Workforce Planning

Case Studies

The Importance of Core Values in Company Culture

Listen to Melissa Jezior and a colleague discuss the importance of strong, C-Suite led core values. In this clip from the Tuning Into C-Suite Challenges webcast, Melissa focuses on fostering a healthy corporate culture.

The first episode of the webcast, How to Stay Out of the Headlines? Start with a Healthy Culture Melissa investigated the root cause of scandals and crises in multiple industries.

Tuning into C-Suite Challenges is a webcast partnership between Eagle Hill and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers that explores strategy, technology and management topics for SMPTE executives.